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Florida School District Squashes Effort to Start High School Baseball Team

Back in the middle of the month, we pointed our readers to an article in Florida Today about how an effort by a group of parents to start a varsity baseball team at one high schoolwas being resisted in part on Title IX grounds. Now the newspaper is reporting that the Brevard County School Board has officially rejected the request: One by one, board ... More

Strike IX: The Story of the Providence College Baseball Team

One of the great frustrations I have about talking with gender quota activists is there complete lack of empathy with the athletes who have been hurt by the way Title IX has been enforced. And one of the stories that needs to be told concerns the Baseball team at Providence College, a squad that found out its program was going to be eliminated at the end of ... More

Vermont Drops Baseball and Softball

Press release from the University of Vermont: As part of a University-wide budget management plan, the University of Vermont Athletic Department announced today that it will be discontinuing two sports, baseball and softball, at the conclusion of the current season in May. This reorganization will also include the closing of five staff positions. Dr. ... More

What Happens When a Program is Killed Because of Title IX

A couple of years back, Iowa State University shut down its baseball program. Now fans are asking why. More