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The ACLU’s Way With Words

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) staff members are hosting a special blog series this week celebrating Title IX. So far, the posts have predictably showered the law with one-sided praise for strengthening "legal efforts" to achieve "gender equity" and creating "educational equality." Tweets and retweets of the series have simply repeated all of the ... More

Judge Rules Against Quinnipiac; Women’s Volleyball Reinstated, But Men’s Indoor Track Eliminated

From the Associated Press: Quinnipiac University reinstated its volleyball team Tuesday and dropped men's indoor track in response to an injunction issued last week in a gender equity lawsuit against the school.The announcement came four days after U.S. Judge Stefan Underhill prevented the school from carrying out plans to eliminate the women's volleyball ... More

Decision Expected in Quinnipiac Title IX Case

We'll be keeping an eye on this story today: A federal judge is expected to rule this week whether Quinnipiac University will be allowed to eliminate its volleyball team.Coach Robin Sparks and some team members are asking for an injunction that would keep the team intact until their gender equity lawsuit against the school can be heard. The American ... More