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Minnesota Athletics Alliance

Please join our growing team of Minnesota Athletics Alliance (MAA) volunteers.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Your local elected leaders and their staff need to hear from you about your support for the MAA’s efforts to reinstate the University of Minnesota (UMN) men’s gymnastics, tennis, and indoor track and field programs. 

Write letters, make phone calls, send emails, and engage with them through social media. The MAA will provide you with a sample letter to help you with your message.

Meet Your Elected Officials

Get to know your state Senator and House Representative and request their support. In a face to face meeting you can share your story about how important sports are Minnesota students, and why the UMN needs to reinstate the men’s gymnastics, tennis, and indoor track and field programs.   

When you schedule a meeting with your local officials the MAA can help provide you with talking points and supporting materials. 


Participate in MAA events.

Receive important updates about events and call to action notices. Join our team of volunteers at scheduled media events and demonstrate strong public support for the MAA.

About the MAA

The MAA works to unite all UMN student athletes, “M” winners, alumni, coaches, parents, and others to stand up and advocate for a broad based athletic program as one of many avenues the UMN has to deliver on its educational mission to meet the diverse needs of the communities across the state.

The mission of the MAA is to advocate and influence the reimagination of the UMN Athletic Department to value all athletes’ pursuit of academic and athletic excellence equally, to fully embrace the long standing values associated with all sports and to build a structure that is financially sustainable.