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How to Contact Duquesne University to Protest the Cuts

Our friends at the National Wrestling Coaches Association have put together a fact sheet with some talking points for contacting the administration at Duquesne regarding last week's program cuts. In my mind, the most critical piece of advice is the following: It is very important that the local, regional, and national wrestling community express ... More

Why Support Swimming, Wrestling and Water Polo?

Maybe because they're proving to be vital to national defense? In the wake of 9-11, the U.S. Navy has been asked to increase the size of the SEAL force by 20%. In order to do that, the Navy has been forced to find a large number of new recruits -- and according to this report from the Today Show, they're finding that many of the best are coming with ... More

John Hartupee on Duqesne Wrestling

Scott Casber of InterMat got Duquesne Wrestling Coach John Hartupee on the phone to talk about the cancellation of the program. Good stuff. Give it a listen. UPDATE: For more from Duquesne's student newspaper, click here. More

Delaware State Drops Wrestling, But Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Click here for the official announcement. I think it's worth noting that back in February 2008, the College Sports Council issued a study warning that nearly all of the nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities were out of compliance with Title IX's proportionality standard, putting over 3,300 male athletes at risk nationwide. One of the ... More

Is Wrestling in Danger at Stanford?

The San Francisco Chronicle says yes. More

Norwich and Lawrence Universities Cancel Wrestling Programs

I'll be headed out for the holidays momentarily, but before I go, I wanted to pass along the very sad news that bothNorwich University(which also cut Men's tennis) and Lawrence University have dropped their men's wrestling programs. At Norwich, it seems that friends of the program are determined not to go without a fight and are starting a letter ... More

All-American Wrestler Laments State of Sport in Wake of Title IX

Cordel Andersen was one heck of a high school and college wrestler. At Preston High School in Utah, he was named a Prep All-American by Wrestling USA Magazine before going on to become a two-time All-American wrestler at Utah State -- a school where the sport has since be eliminated. Recently Andersen was inducted into the Utah Wrestling Hall of Fame ... More

Should Men’s Wrestling Programs Endow Their Own Scholarships?

It's an idea that the University of Missouri seems willing to try. More

Title IX Kills Oregon Wrestling

Though we missed this last week, we would be remiss not to take a moment to note that an Oregon state judge rejected a law suit filed to force the University of Oregon to retain its men's wrestling program. Here's a passage from the blog Save Oregon Wrestling that's awfully telling: In a decision dated October 22, 2008, and received today, Judge Lynn E. ... More

Oregon Wrestling: Title IX’s Collateral Damage

Our friends at Oregon Wrestling are participating in the PAC-10 Championship in Eugene today, what may be the final competition in the program's 54-year existence. Late last week, Oregon's Assistant AD, Neal Zoubouklos, stated that Title IX compliance wasn't an issue when Oregon decided to drop the program in favor of adding Men's Baseball and ... More