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The Title IX Law Suit Machine

One of the little known side effects of Title IX enforcement are the costs that it imposes on school districts around the country. One of the more recent examples comes from Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wisconsin. According to local reports, handling a recent suit that resulted in the school adding a girl's lacrosse team cost somewhere in the ... More

National Women’s Law Center Confused over Title IX

Early last week, Dina Lassow of the National Women’s Law Center praised Judge Glen E. Conrad of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia for dismissing a lawsuit by Equity in Athletics, Inc. (EIA) against James Madison Univeristy. EIA challenged the university’s decision to cut varsity funding of ten athletic teams (three ... More

Gender Quota Crowd Can’t Live Up to Their Own Standards of Truth

It's been a week since the College Sports Council published its study of NCAA Division I scholarships, and to say that the response from our traditional antagonists has been wanting would be something of an understatement. Well, earlier this week, somebody finally stepped up, and in this case it was Melanie Ross Levin, the Outreach Coordinator for ... More