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Correcting Common Title IX Fallacies

Yesterday we tuned into the National Women’s Law Center’s (NWLC) webinar, “Rally for Girls’ Sports: A Guide To Title IX for Parents, Coaches, and School Officials.” Unfortunately for those of us tuning in, we heard the same incorrect statements on how Title IX is currently applied to high school and college sports. Two of the major themes that ... More

American Sports Council Sues U.S. Department of Education to Prevent Use of Title IX Quotas in High School Athletics

It's a busy first day for the newly-formed American Sports Council. Again, from our new website: The American Sports Council (ASC) filed suit against the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) today, alleging that the use of gender quotas to enforce Title IX in high school athletic programs is unconstitutional because it violates the Equal Protection Clause. ... More

What the Women’s Sports Foundation Doesn’t Want You to Know About Title IX and Quotas

Here at Saving Sports, we've been following rumors about the elimination of the men's track and field team at the University of Delaware for about two and a half years. If you look through our archives, you'll see that we first took notice of the possibility of trouble back in November 2008. Over the weekend, the New York Times finally took a look at the ... More

College Sports Council Urges High Schools to Fight Use of Gender Quotas to Comply with Title IX in Athletics

The College Sports Council just issued the following press release. College Sports Council Urges High Schools to Fight Use of Gender Quotas to Comply with Title IX in Athletics Application of law’s three-part test is unconstitutional and could potentially sideline 1.3 million male athletes WASHINGTON, D.C.—February 8, 2011—The College Sports ... More

School Budget Crunch in New Mexico Revels Folly in National Women’s Law Center’s Title IX Plan

On the day that the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) announced their nationwide Title IX initiative, I dialed into their conference call to listen in on the particulars of their announcement. One question that seemed to be on the minds of the reporters on the call was this: with so many school districts slashing their budgets, where did the NWLC expect ... More

Arizona Republic: NWLC Action “Not Designed to Help Kids.”

Last month, as part of the the National Women's Law Center's high school Title IX initiative, the organization filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights against the Deer Valley School District in Arizona, and the editorial board at the Arizona Republic is less than impressed: [T]he history of Title IX complaints on the college level presages bleak ... More

What the National Women’s Law Center Doesn’t Want You to Know About Title IX and High School Sports

In a few minutes, the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) will be holding a teleconference to announce a "substantial Title IX initiative" aimed at high school sports. To say the least, high school athletes and their parents ought to be concerned about this announcement. If things take the same course as they have in college athletics, that means the NWLC ... More

Official Statement from College Sports Council on National Women’s Law Center’s Plan for Title IX in High Schools

The following statement on the National Women's Law Center's Rally for Girls' Sports initiative can be attributed to Eric Pearson, Chairman of the College Sports Council: The NWLC plan is clearly designed to expand the enforcement of gender quotas in high school sports. We've been warning parents and coaches that the gender quota is coming to high ... More

Who Do You Trust?

I wanted our readers to know that the folks at the National Women's Law Center have posted their rebuttal to the College Sports Council study on Division I soccer to a Web site called Opposing Views (clickhere for the specific post). We don't have a whole lot to add that we didn't leave in the comment string there, or already post to the blog ... More

On Girls High School Flag Football

Over the past week or so, there's been a lot of chatter back and forth on the Web concerning a New York Times story about the popularity of flag football for girls in Florida high schools. On the one hand, you have a number of folks from the women's sports establishment who can't seem to make up their mind whether or not this is a good thing: “No one ... More