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How Title IX Is Stifling High School Baseball in Florida

From Florida Today: A well-meaning attempt by a group of parents to fund an extracurricular sport at a Brevard public high school could be blocked by concerns over gender and low-income discrimination. Parents of about 35 Edgewood Jr./Sr. High students want to pay about $7,000 annually for a coach’s salary and other costs to turn a self-funded baseball ... More

Keeping an Eye on H.R. 2882 and S. 471

A few weeks back, we took note of an action alert from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) concerning two pieces of legislation designed to essentially bring Title IX enforcement to American high schools: In honor of the 38th anniversary of Title IX on June 23, join AAUW in urging your member of Congress to enforce Title IX in our high ... More

More on Title IX Meddling in High School Athletics Funding

I found the following item buried in a story about a local board of education meeting in Colorado. The following comes from the Brush News-Tribune: Miles also addressed funds for athletics, stating, “It has been said that a donation is unaccounted for or has been put somewhere else.” The $2,307.51 donation from the Morgan County Volleyball Juniors ... More

Title IX Quota Creep Keeps Hitting High Schools

Over and over again we've been warning about how quota advocates are determined to apply the Title IX's strict quota regime to high school athletics. Just a few weeks ago we pointed to a story in Pennsylvania where the mere formation of a football booster club triggered a federal investigation. Now we're seeing evidence of one school district just ... More

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You About High School Sports and Title IX

Yesterday, we passed along an article where College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson had this to say about the next frontier in Title IX enforcement: While much of the Title IX enforcement centers on quotas, there are other huge red flags to be wary of, such as the reaction to some volunteer efforts and donations of parents and community members' for ... More

Are High Schools Next in the Title IX Crosshairs?

That's a question that Jennifer Kabbany asked today in the North County Times (CA): "If every woman decided she didn't want to play sports, then the way this law is applied, there could be no men's sports whatsoever," Steven Gieseler, an attorney with the Sacramento-based Pacific Legal Foundation, SAID in a telephone interview. While these quota ... More