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An Ivy League Voice Goes Off Script on Title IX

Back on November 12, Jeffrey H. Orleans, the former commissioner of the Ivy League, gave an interview to Libby Sander of the Chronicle of Higher Education on the current landscape concerning college athletics and Title IX. And as we listened to that podcast, it was hard not to notice that some of what he had to say probably discomfited the traditional ... More

Gender Quota Crowd Can’t Live Up to Their Own Standards of Truth

It's been a week since the College Sports Council published its study of NCAA Division I scholarships, and to say that the response from our traditional antagonists has been wanting would be something of an understatement. Well, earlier this week, somebody finally stepped up, and in this case it was Melanie Ross Levin, the Outreach Coordinator for ... More

A Holiday Carol for the Quota Crowd …

... Courtesy of our friends at Texas Swimming. More

More Tales of Title IX Idiocy

Although I've written it before, I think it always bears repeating: the introduction of quotas will always create bizarre distortions in the long run. Here's just another example from the Daily Eastern News, a campus publication at Eastern University in Ohio: It was only a little more than a year ago when Ryan McKay crossed the finish line in third place ... More

IWF Podcast on Title IX Compliance

Our friends Alison Kasic and Amy Watson of the Independent Women's Forum recently had a conversation about the compliance trap set up by quota advocates when it comes to Title IX enforcement. Click here to listen and here (MP3) to download. More

JMU, Title IX and Revisionist History

The students and faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University are currently involved in a debate over whether or not to add a varsity football program at the school. Kristine Newhall at the Title IX blog approvingly quoted Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Paul Woody as he used the news as an opportunity to engage in some revisionist history: Faced with ... More

Title IX Strangling Men’s Sports at the University of Illinois

More and more often, we're finding journalists who refuse to buy the hardline messages about Title IX enforcement from the quota crowd. The latest example comes from Kevin Kaplan, who writes for the Daily Illini at the University of Illinois. In today's edition of the newspaper, Kaplan writes about how Title IX has forced the University to resist ... More

Title IX Strangling Men’s Soccer

I had to pass along a passage from this post that appeared at SoccerLens. In it, an American soccer fan tries to explain to an international audience exactly why the "beautiful game," is struggling so mightily in the USA: Title IX has decimated the youth systems that at one point existed. [...] Because American football without a doubt brings in the ... More

CSC Provides the Platform: Student Athletes Speak Out Against Cuts

Sports Council Update, November 2006 www.collegesportscouncil.org FROM: Jessica Gavora, CSC Director of Communications Dear Friends of the CSC; When James Madison University (JMU) announced on September 29 the elimination of 10 athletic teams in order to comply with Title IX proportionality - the largest single act of Title IX related cuts by ... More

The Gender Quota Crowd: In Their Own Words

Marilyn McNeil
 "I hated the movie `Rudy.' It's time to tell these students: `You've got other talents. Go write about sports at the school newspaper, join the debate team, or maybe you've got a nice voice and belong on the stage.'" Marcia Greenberger
 "One of the greatest ironies here is that those who want to challenge Title IX and call it ... More