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Faculty Committee at UC Berkeley Recommends Cutting 5-7 Sports

Over the past few months, we've been following events at UC Berkeley very closely as a series of faculty committees worked to address the budget deficit in the school's athletic department. Back in July, one committee suggested that the department slash $6 million from its budget, but do it without eliminating any teams. Now, news leaked out last night that ... More

Seton Hall Eliminates Entire Track and Field Program, Adds Women’s Golf

From North Jersey.com: Seton Hall announced Wednesday that it is dropping men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor track and field, effective July 1, as a cost-cutting measure. In keeping with NCAA and Title IX requirements that the school fields 14 sports teams, women’s golf will be added. More later. More

Men’s Program Braces for Cuts at UT-Chattanooga

From the Chattanooga Times-Free Press: UTC men’s golf coach Mark Guhne spent Thursday night in a condominium without running water or electricity. “It had a couch,” he said, describing his accommodations on a recruiting trip. “I’m staying with a friend tonight in Orlando and another friend in Miami tomorrow.” The coach is doing everyth... More

NY Times Runs Letter from CSC Chairman

In response to last week's New York Times series on the rise of club sports in collegiate athletics, College Sports Council Chairman Eric Pearson wrote the following letter to the editor that appeared in Saturday's newspaper: To the Sports Editor: The single biggest factor in the growth of club sports in college may be the stringent enforcement of ... More

Why No Big 12 Men’s Soccer

LandThieves is asking some uncomfortable questions about Title IX and Big 12 Soccer: A good friend of mine asked me this a couple of weeks ago. He told me OU didn't have a soccer team, neither did OSU. I was sure he was misinformed. Being a former auditor, I decided to check it out. Sho'nuff, neither school has men's soccer. actually, no school in the Big ... More

Inside Higher Ed Doubts the Students

Elizabeth Redden of Insider Higher Education writes that, “criticisms specific to their university — including a lack of student input in the decision — crept into some of their comments.” Those views didn’t creep anywhere, they were front and center. The whole point of the rally was to ask the Department to strengthen interest surveys — ... More