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Read the letter from the US Department of Education informing an Idaho Falls School District that the Title IX proportionality standard (gender quotas) will be applied to its high school athletic programs.


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Would Semi Pro status release big revenue sports from Title IX limits?
04/23/2015 -- What would happen if the major revenue generating football programs in the NCAA decide to change their designation to semi pro?   In his opinion piece published in Forbes, “Will Paying College Athletes Ruin Everything We Love About College Sports? Not If We’re Smart About It,”  ASC Director, H. Clay McEldowney offers insight into that question. […]

Why Title IX Rules Might Turn Out the Lights on High School Baseball Tradition
03/18/2015 -- When Patsy Mink, the former Congresswoman from Hawaii, worked to create the anti- discrimination law that would later become known as Title IX, she was motivated to end horrendous gender quotas that capped enrollment of women in medical and law schools.  But she probably never expected that the law would cause high school administrators to […]

Dr. Bob Wuornos Offers Insight On The Future Of College Sports
01/17/2015 -- In his commentary, The Future of Other College Sports, published today in the National Review Online, Dr. Bob Wuornos, founder of the Men’s Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program (MIGSP) offers some clear insight into both the dilemma and opportunity presented by the NCAA rule change that allows Division I schools to pay athletes stipends. Too few sports […]

ASC launches a new resource center for the paying players issue.
01/16/2015 -- ASC launches a new resource center for the ‘paying players’ issue. The micro-site includes the ASC’s Declaration of Principles relating to the paying players issue. Here is where the ASC stands. Declaration of Principles- Education and Athletics The ASC believes that true value of college athletics is not found in crowd filled stadiums or […]

No, to Presidential Commission- Yes, to new NCAA structure
01/16/2015 -- One of the Women’s Sports Foundation’s favorite and often cited economists, Andrew Zimbalist of Smith College, has called for a Presidential Commission to address the recent crisis in NCAA Division I sports triggered by the paying players issue. In his article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, professor Zimbalist doesn’t offer any ideas for an […]

Richard Broad Joins American Sports Council Board on Eve of NCAA College Cup
12/13/2014 -- Addition of Respected Figure in U.S. College Soccer Underscores Damage Title IX Doing to Men’s Game With the men’s college soccer world gathering in Cary, N.C. this week for the NCAA College Cup, the American Sports Council (ASC) is pleased to announce the addition of Richard Broad to its board of directors. Richard Broad is […]

Is COLLEGE PRO coming to the NCAA?
11/20/2014 -- One of the hottest trending topics now in college sports is the discussion about schools paying athletes stipends in addition to their scholarships. The NCAA has opened the possibility for schools to pay athletes with the recently proposed Division I Board of Directors governance restructuring. The issue picked up additional momentum recently when the athletic […]

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