Official CSC Statement Regarding the New York Times Report on Roster Management and Title IX

The following statement is an official response to the New York Times story that was published this morning concerning the use of roster management by schools to comply with Title IX. It can be attributed to Leo Kocher, President of the College Sports Council:

“Title IX has been turned into a gender quota law plain and simple, and it should not be a surprise that schools have become skilled in ways to game a system that is irretrievably broken. The use of gender quotas to prove compliance with Title IX has failed and the system must be reformed now.

“Title IX as written supports equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes, something that is impossible in athletics given the persistent imbalance between the sexes in interest in participating in a variety of areas, including intercollegiate sports. The use of quotas to enforce Title IX discriminates against male student athletes and artificially limits their opportunities to participate. In recent weeks, we’ve seen the use of strict gender quotas to comply with Title IX result in the needless elimination of men’s teams at the University of Delaware, Liberty University and the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

“Measurement of interest, not quotas, will lead to fairness. In order to remedy the situation, the Department of Education should reinstitute the use of surveys to measure student interest in intercollegiate athletics, allowing schools more flexibility in complying with prong three of Title IX’s three prong test.”

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